Still some questions left, you need answered? Have a look bellow, and in case you still need more information’s, please use the contact form, and we will talk.

Q: What Hardware configuration are required for using any of your software?

A: All Versions of LigniKon and Viskon require following Hardware Configurations:

Minimum: 1500MHz CPU, 512 MB RAM, modern Graphic Card with min 128 MB RAM, min 300 MB Hard-drive Space, OE WINDOWS Vista/Win 7 , 8, 8.1 or 10

Recommended Settings: 3800 MHz CPU or higher, 4GB RAM or more, modern Graphic Card with min 512 RAM, min 300 MB Hard-drive Space, OE WINDOWS  Vista/Win 7 , 8, 8.1 or 10

Depending on your eyesite we recommend a main screen of at least 19″, or if you use a laptop, get this size or larger as an additional screen conected to your laptop.

We have for example one VisKon Licence on a 2.7GHz laptop, with 4GB Ram, and use it for onsite designs. As long as your project don’t include too many parts, you will have a good working flow with all available tools. In case your PC/Laptop slows down, you can change the Viewing settings form Standard to Wire frame, until you have all changes completed.

Q: Are either LigniKon or VisKon software versions only useful for engineers and architects?

A: No, not at all! Weto, the company behind these software has just had one single goal in mind when starting writing software since 1992: To enable everyone, weather a Carpenter, General builder or any other wood worker to design precise plans to built in the fastest possible time any conceivable wooden construction with the greatest accuracy.

Q: Go on, tell me more about Weto then. Why them?

A: As we said before, Weto is on the software market ever since 1992, and kept developing CAD software only for Timber Constructions. Not as an add on.  This gives you actually better return of investment, as you don’t have to upgrade two software packages at once, as you need to do with add-ons, in case the main software needs updating. More then 15000 satisfied customers with more then 38000 licenses in more then 38 countries speak for themselves, or?

Q: Is it possible to change the settings between imperial and metric measurements?

A: Of course, even in the middle of your current design session. You have full control.

Q: Can I print 2D drawings for all, or just a few selected parts?

A: You can select as few or as many parts to be drawn up as you prefer. You can as well insert additional drawings into your plans, or your logo.

Q: Are there any pre-installed material libraries included in both software versions?

A: Yes, for example Steel connectors, Roof lights, Surface Textures. You can edit these as you need for your own preferences.

Q: Are there any limits, to what I can design or not?

A: Well, there some limitations, of course! First, you want to make sure, that you have chosen the right software version of LigniKon or VisKon. The higher a version you buy, the more design and tool options as well as automatisms are available. Other than that, only some very irregular shapes might be a problem. As long as you can imagine your design, you can create it within any LigniKon/VisKon Software.

Q: Are you planing on any video tutorials? I like it better then just reading a boring manual. 

A: Yes, we are. We aim to have in the next few weeks in cooperation with the developing team from Weto for each tool a short video tutorial ready.

Q: Ok, what happens, if I want to buy from you any Version of Lignikon or Viskon. How to go ahead?

A: Simple really. You contact us with all your Company Details, which are necessary for the Contract between you and us. Then we send you an Invoice via Paypal. Upon Receipt of payments and signed contract will we order the Serial key for your requested Software Version. You will receive the Serial key within 48 h, counted with normal working days Monday to Friday. Just insert this Serial Key within the software activation, and you are good to go.

We know, this is somewhat different from other software companies, but in the interest of good business practices and protection of your investment as well these steps prevent Software Piracy.

Your understanding is appreciated.

Q: I have a suggestion, how to improve the Software and/or your Service. How can I get in touch with you?

A: We always welcome feedback, and if you have something not so nice to say, then we are even more interested to hear from you, how we can do better. Please contact us via our Contact Page. Cheers.