Viskon V7

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Walls, Floors and Roof designed with Weto Viskon V7Walls, Floors and Roof designed with Weto Viskon V7

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  • Horizontal and vertical separation of timber frame walls.
  • Create Doors, Windows and other opening in solid walls and ceilings
  • Design slabs within the roof wizard
  • Pre set window- and door opening sizes
  • New material editor and extended texture library 


  • Improved terrain editor for more realistic planning
  • Automatic windows and door visualization
  • Introduction of textures for solid wall surfaces
  • Show multiple Roof layers
  • Import of new Skylight Manufacturer Cadenas
  • Polygonal solid wall design including automatic adoption to roof lines 

Take Off’s

  • Improved editing and calculation of 3D Areas
  • Improved interface between VisKon and Viscalc
  • Extended take off integration of 3D areas
  • Including 3D areas in all plan views 

Improved Import/Export

  • Site survey Add on for Leica Theodolites ( additional cost )Leica Theodolite Import Add On
  • Extended DXF-Import Capabilities
  • Improved ARCON Integration
  • Add on FriLo-Structual Engineering(additional costs)
  • · Interface Vi2000 (additional costs) 

Plan Assistant (Add on)

  • Insertion of additional plans and views in any plan formats
  • Automatic updates of any changes in 3D
  • Additional Editing of Plan Views (changing scale etc)
  • Import your Logo and Pictures(jpg/bmp) 

Future Proof

  • Supports the new Framework 4 standard
  • Faster Loading Times
  • Free CNC Centre Viewer Version 

3D Labelling

  • Change the appearance of your £D design in tilt and angle
  • Insert in perspectives CNC numbers and labels for each part of your design
  • Colour coded as well as automated recognition of each part

Roof Areas


  • Design your project in just minutes with the help of the roof wizard.
  • Easy to create exact drawings first time, every time.
  • Very intuitive Wizard interface, which displays the whole roof in a live preview.
  • Alternatively can you design any roof manually.
  • Allows you to merge various roofs into one.
  • Use the wizard afterwards to fine-tune each new roof section.Dachausmittlung





Section Views

  • Changes in a section view will automatically be updated and shown in the 3D view, and vice versa.
  • Work simultaneously in both 3D and 2D.
  • Insert all dimensions in the section view.

Variable Parts

  • VisKon gives you the freedom to design like you do on site.
  • Create any overlapping timber as needed. No restrictions anymore.Viskon Sectin B Wall Design incl Steel Connectors







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